Caistor and District  Community Trust Ltd

Caistor and District Community Trust Ltd

2-4 Market Place - A place for your business or group?

The regeneration of 2-4 Market Place, Caistor is making progress and is anticipated will be up and running for local businesses and groups to occupy from late 2022/early 2023. There have already been a significant number of informal approaches about using parts of the complex. Please download the  form using the link below to let Caistor and District Community Trust know about your business or group, what kind of space you may be interested in renting and and how we can contact you. 

At this stage, we just want to gauge what interest there is as part of business planning. A plan of how the ground floor could be divided up is included on page 3 to give you an idea of the spaces available. Once nearer completing the buildings, we will ask all those who have expressed interest to formally apply for space if they still wish to do so. In the meantime, we will contact you to talk about your expression of interest in more detail. Once you have completed this form, please return by post to the address above. If you would like an online version, please email and we will send you a link.